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Hoodia Gordoni Diet Pills (Really "Hoodia Gordonii")

As of last month, detailed searches for Hoodia Gordoni diet pills still provide evidence that at least 9,000 interested weight loss candidates still don’t know exactly what this botanical really comprises. And, it’s no wonder, as the name implies very little and gives hardly any clues as to what, how, where, when, and why pure Hoodia Gordonii maintains and proliferates its popularity. People mistakenly write Hoodia Gordonii as “Hoodia Gordoni.”

Nonetheless, the ultimate, ongoing search for a natural yet solid body fat weight loss solution stimulates Hoodia diet pill hype. Manufacturers (even less than scrupulous ones) perpetuate this hype to maximize sales revenue. This is no crime. However, shouldn’t the REAL emphasis lie in providing overweight or potentially obese individuals with bona fide and efficient nutritional supplement assistance?

Numerous unanswered search engine queries for “how to lose body fat” or “how to eat to lose weight” and “exercises to get a better body quickly” surely imply that countless body fat candidates’ needs remain unmet. And it's a shame, too. Actually, upon examining the limited research and positive user feedback on Hoodia Gordoni diet pills, there appears to be somewhat solid support for progressive and safe weight loss without complications or negative side effects.

Yet, regardless of whether you discover and utilize Hoodia Gordonii or any other weight loss diet pill or supplement, for that matter, one unchanging body fat fundamental remains... you have to understand the mechanics of weight loss from the inside out, AND develop a mindset for adherence to and continuance of your diet, exercise, emotional, intellectual, and motivational powers.

Hoodia Gordoni diet pills can help you lose body fat, but they work emphatically better when you incorporate endorsed exercise science or weight management concepts and principles.

That said, here’s how Hoodia diet pills work – pure Hoodia Gordonii uses the molecule P57 to perpetuate the perception of fullness from your brain’s hypothalamus (the hormonal signaling thought center). Thus, believing in a very “natural” way that you are already satisfied with your food or drink intake, your daily lifestyle can proceed without the additional calories of needless foods that individuals normally eat.

Would you like to experience better body fat or weight loss results than you are currently achieving? Okay, the first thing you must do is reach a negative calorie deficit each and every day. Ideally, this deficit should total about –500 calories. You can use Hoodia Gordoni diet pills to help you in this way – by eating three to six evenly spaced, nutritionally balanced, (that is, nutrient-rich, not junk-rich) meals per day.

With pure Hoodia Gordonii as your preferred or selected appetite suppressant assistant, the smaller meals you are now eating won’t seem like “work” or too much of a “chore” for you to perform. Thus, your enjoyment of the weight loss process can remain at its optimum level. This enables you to continue losing weight and getting used to the idea and feeling of eating smaller amounts of food gradually as time progresses.

Weight loss becomes even easier and more results-generative when you mix really good eating habits with consistent physical activity. Further, if you can convince your mind to cause your body to engage in threshold-reaching action (that is, usually a level much more challenging than you are probably currently accustomed to) you can effectively burn up to 10 or more calories of body fat per minute. This can happen with or without Hoodia Gordoni diet pills. Yet, a beginner may experience more initial fat-burn progress with proper supplement usage. The beginning is almost always the hardest part of the slimming-down process when you are already overweight.

Proper usage of pure Hoodia Gordoni diet pills thus far reports no negative side effects. Practically everyone knows that it literally takes years to develop research materials on new nutritional products. Therefore, actual research data remains scarce at this time because it is a relatively new weight loss and appetite suppressant supplement.

With the growing surge of interest in Hoodia Gordonii, numerous suppliers have emerged, many of whom attempt to emulate the original formula, as well as settle for duplications that lack authenticity or efficacy. So, as always, let the buyer beware, as the saying goes, when and if you decide to purchase this appetite suppressant weight loss supplement.

FYI, Davis Biotech is one of the first companies to pioneer the genuine South African Hoodia Gordonii cactus supplement, introducing it into the United States. The firm is still in operation, with a solid performance record. Research almost always pays off in the long run, and you may benefit from reading more about Hoodia Gordoni diet pills (spelled “Hoodia Gordonii”)as you move forward with your weight loss goals.

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Kenneth G. Dockins, body fat specialist - ACE Certified Lifestyle & Weight Management Consultant, possessing over 17 years experience in diet, exercise, fitness, and health. See Better-Body.Biz for Hoodia Gordoni diet pills or weight loss diet plan health food delivery services detail.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Hoodia Gordonii - The Hoodia Cactus - Where'd My Appetite Go? My Experience With Pure Hoodia

Hoodia Gordonii

If you are into herbs and natural cures, you've undoubtedly heard of the Hoodia Gordonii cactus, the latest natural diet discovery for suppressing the appetite. Pure Hoodia (Hoodia Gordonii in it's purest form), acts as a natural appetite suppressant and has helped its devotees naturally curb their appetite and consequently take the lbs off.

So, what is Hoodia exactly? The Hoodia Gordonii cactus is actually a cactus of the "succulent" cactus family which originates and currently only resides inside the African Kalahari desert. The San bushmen of the Kalahari desert, one of the oldest and most primitive tribes, have been eating the Hoodia cactus for thousands of years, to suppress appetite during their long hunting trips.

The active chemical in the Hoodia cactus that is thought to be primarily responsible for the decrease in human appetite is a previously undiscovered molecule named "P57". Current speculation is that the P57 molecule is the chief reason for the appetite suppression, but that this also most likely works in unison with the Hoodia cactus' other chemical compounds, not just one specific compound, since this is usually the way natural herbs typically work in the human body.

My Story

I began taking a pure Hoodia supplement about two weeks ago to help curb my seemingly "bottomless pit" appetite and perhaps shed a few pounds for the summer season. I have taken two of the Hoodi pills every morning with a full glass of water, and usually wait my typical hour before eating breakfast. Two Hoodia pills a day is all that is required for about six to eight hours of appetite suppression, so I only need to worry about taking it once or twice a day, depending on my goals, which is a bonus for someone who forgets to take pills.

It produced almost an immediate drop in my appetite. I found that, while I still got hungry for my meals, I would only eat about one half to three-fourths the amount I would usually consume. Not only that, but my meals filled me up completely and I felt satiated, not still hungry for "dessert" or more food.

As I previously mentioned, I do still get hungry, but even my feelings of hunger have been noticeably "dulled". Now, don't get me wrong, I still believe exercise and eating the right foods is the key to healthy and long-lasting weight loss and weight maintenance, but if you're looking for a "jump start" to your diet, or you just need to regain some appetite control and willpower, but you need help readjusting your body and biological hunger signals, Hoodia pills (pure Hoodia, not low quality so called "hoodia" pills with fillers - it won't work the same!) are a great way to jump start yourself into a better and healthier lifestyle.


Now, one more thing before you let your fingers do the walking on a Hoodia google search for the nearest Hoodia supplement! Make absolute sure that the product you choose is a pure Hoodia supplement, without fillers and other ingredients. Only pure Hoodia will actually curb your appetite.

Other "fake" Hoodia supplements may contain caffeine and other harmful and/or unnatural ingredients that actually may hinder your weightloss effort by increasing your appetite two-fold when the supplement is discontinued.

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Danna Schneider is the webmaster and founder of,, an excellent source for information on the latest and most effective nutraceutical and herbal therapeutic products. Information on pure Hoodia supplements can be found at this site as well.

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